Why Professional Headshots Matter

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Why You Should Have A Professional Headshot

First Impressions Matter

professional headshotprofessional headshotConvey a professional image online with a professional headshot and images that enhance your brand. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It's almost a new decade, we're just couple of weeks from the year 2020, but first impressions mean as much today as they always have.

A strong first impression is the key to success. Like it or not, it is human nature to form opinions about people and organizations upon our first meeting of them. In today's world, first impressions often happen online or digitally. That means your company website, Facebook Page, or LinkedIn. Your headshot or online image is important because if it's unprofessional, you may not ever get a second chance and that has potential impact on your bottom line.  

How you are perceived by others is key in building strong relationships with clients and employers. Whether you're a new business in Iowa, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or someone looking to get hired by either, your headshot will likely be your first impression on that person or entity that is seeking to fill a need. Your image should convey professionalism, strength, friendliness and confidence. Today's customer as well as employers are using the internet to find the right fit. If your image doesn't inspire confidence in others, potential clients and employers are simply going to move on the the next person or company in line until they find the right message of professionalism and authority.

If you're an organization with an online presence, do your images reflect your brand values? Do you present a professional and consistent image to your customers and competitors? Do your competitors images outshine your own?

If you're building your personal brand online the questions are similar. Is your LinkedIn profile professional? Does your online image convey confidence and friendliness? Are you losing to the next person in line?

First impressions really do matter, make yours count.

At Craigmile Photography, we'll use our expertise behind the camera to create images for you or your company that convey the right message for your brand. We offer professional headshot sessions for any size organization, from individuals to large groups. Whether your a job seeker or a company looking to gain an advantage versus your competitors, we'll work with you to make your first impression count.

Contact us at your convenience here or by phone (319)936-3933.




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