Where Passion Meets Detail: Landscapes & Portraits by Craigmile Photography

Welcome to my creative space, where the soul of the land intertwines with the stories held within its people. I'm Doug Craigmile, a photographer based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, deeply devoted to capturing both the expansive beauty of our Midwestern landscapes and the intimate moments that unfold within them.

While some may consider Iowa a "flyover" state, my lens reveals a different truth. From the vibrant tapestry of state parks and rolling farmlands to the quaint charm of historic towns, our state offers endless treasures waiting to be unveiled. Beyond the scenery, I find immense joy in connecting with individuals and families, preserving their unique narratives through the art of portraiture.

Whether I'm standing beneath a fiery prairie sunset or laughing alongside a family during a backyard portrait session, my passion fuels my desire to capture the essence of every scene. I meticulously translate emotion into light and shadow, striving to create timeless images that resonate with viewers long after the shutter closes.

For the Landscape Enthusiast:

Witness the breathtaking diversity of Iowa's natural beauty through my curated collection of landscape prints.

Commission a unique piece showcasing your favorite corner of the state, adding a touch of local magic to your space.

Collaborate with me on capturing the essence of your property or showcasing a specific natural wonder that holds special meaning.

For the Portrait Seeker:

Let me weave your family's story into stunning portraits that celebrate your unique bond.

Capture senior year milestones with vibrant, personalized images that reflect individuality and spirit.

Commemorate life's precious moments with professional headshots that exude confidence and professionalism.


Years of experience honed through continuous learning and dedication.

State-of-the-art equipment and editing techniques to ensure exceptional quality.

A collaborative approach to understand your vision and deliver personalized results.

Let's Connect:

Whether you're drawn to the vastness of nature or the warmth of human connection, I invite you to explore my portfolio and embark on a visual journey alongside me. Contact me today to discuss your photography needs and create lasting memories that capture the heart of Iowa and its people.