Thank you for your interest in my photography. It’s my passion and profession.

While you're here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doug Craigmile and I'm a photographer based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

As far as photography goes, many people consider Iowa a "flyover" state. I disagree and have found that there are numerous treasures to be found all around Iowa. Our state parks, waterways, and quaint towns with historic buildings and architecture, just to name a few. As Iowans, we're also blessed with diverse weather and seasons which help make Iowa a photographer's dream as things are always changing.

I am passionate about photography, whether it be wandering outdoors enjoying some of our vast natural resources, or in your backyard with your family. I aim to bring out the beauty that I see everywhere and to visually tell the story of whatever happens to be in front of my lens. It is always my goal to create images that capture a special moment and that will stand the test of time.